Why In Home Pet Sitting?

    At Paws First I aim to provide the best care possible for your pets. In home pet sitting is a great option for your four legged family members and here are some reasons why:

Reduce stress + anxiety

  • If your dog gets anxious around strange people or other animals, the last place they want to be is kenneled in a boarding facility with strangers taking them out and the sounds of all the other boarded pets around them. We come and meet your pet while you are home so that they can meet us and feel safe with you there before we come when you’re gone.  They then get to stay stress free and comfortable in their own house—sleeping in their own bed, playing with their own toys, and going out into their own yard.

Elderly pets

  • In home care is perfect for elderly pets who may not do well getting in and out of cars and staying away from home. If your pet does not get around well, is on medication, or needs their own special set up, in home visits allow them to keep their own routine and minimize the discomforts of travelling and boarding.

No extra costs

  • Many boarders or veterinary facilities have a set amount of time each pet gets out of the kennel. Even my own vet, which I love, charges extra for outdoor play time/walks outside of their 2x a day bathroom breaks and even has an extra charge for administering medication. At Paws First, I only charge by time. Our visits are made up of whatever you need.  Feeding, walking, playing, administering medication, litter box scooping, or even just lots of couch cuddles and petting—your visit fee does not increase. Our goal is to keep your pet on as close to their regular schedule as possible!

No breed or size discrimination

  • Unlike some boarders, we do not discriminate against certain dog breeds. As long as your dogs are friendly, we are happy to come visit!  Since we are coming to your home, you also don’t need to worry about finding accommodation to fit your supersized pups!

Saves you time

  • Have you ever left on a trip really early in the morning or arrived home late at night (or on a weekend)?  With boarding you have to then drop your pets off the day before leaving or pick them up the day after your return. If you get home on a Friday or Saturday night and there’s no weekend pickup, you may even have to wait until Monday to fetch your pets!  Not only does in home care save you from having to get your pets in the car and drive back and forth to the boarders (twice!), it also saves your pets from having to be away from you any longer than is necessary! They can be with you up until the moment you leave and their happy tails will be there to greet you as soon as you arrive back home!

Long days

  • You wouldn’t want to board your dog just because you’re going to be gone for a really long day (and not overnight).  In home care is perfect for those days you’re at a family event and can’t easily get home for a bathroom break, an extra long day at work, or anything else that may keep you away just longer than your pup can wait but not long enough to warrant a trip to a boarding facility.

If you’re ready to ditch the boarders and give your pets a better experience in the comfort of their own home, feel free to reach out with any questions or to set up a meet and greet!  I can’t wait to help take care of your furry family members!

Contact me by text/calling 260-820-1921 or by emailing pawsfirstwellsco@gmail.com